What We Did To Maintain Peace… I’d Do It Again!

Silhouette of family of four outside

Silhouette of family of four outside

Ok, so I outed Sean last week for taking advantage of his brother during the time he was around 2 and 3 years old.  Now I’ll confess Sean might have gotten his orneriness honestly.  There may have been sometimes where we took advantage of the situation to keep peace or just purely selfish reasons.

In front of a local K-mart where we often shopped, there was a little merry go round that you had to put a quarter in to ride.  Of course Steven loved to ride it “every time” we went there.  When he was little, he couldn’t remember which store had that.  So he would always ask, is this the store with the merry go round? Sometimes I would let him ride it but others times do to time or not having a quarter I would say no.  Well I learnt really quickly that if Steven would ask is this the store with the merry go round, I would look the other way and say “I am looking but I don’t see one here”.  No fussing, no fits, he was totally ok with it just not being there.  Well this was working so well, until Sean starting learning to talk. One day we were walking in, I was carrying Sean and holding Steven’s hand. Steven said do you see a merry go round here? I looked the other way and said no, I don’t see one Steven. Then Sean started yelling “merry go ound, merry go ound”. Steven yelled, “mom look, Sean sees something!” I was so busted!

Around that same time, we were at our house.  I opened the pantry for a snack. We had two chocolate chip cookies left in the package. Sean stepped into the kitchen just as I was getting one out so I offered him the other one. Well Steven heard us getting something and said “what are you guys eating?” I quickly glanced in the pantry saw a package of gram crackers.  I said back to Steven “gram crackers, do you want one?” Steven jumped up and said “yeah!” Sean held his half eaten chocolate chip cookie up, looked at it and looked at me and said “gam cacker”?  I looked at Steven happily eating his gram cracker and said hesitantly “yes gram cracker”.

Ok, just for full disclosure there may have been a few other incidents over the years similar to these.  I have tried to recall all of them I can remember and confess them to Steve.  I waited until he was old enough to be able to appreciate the situations we were in and that it was so much about keeping the peace.

I looked up peace in my old style dictionary. Peace: Freedom from war or civil strife. Law and order. Harmony.  Serenity. Calm.  This only confirmed my actions! I was trying to avoid war and civil strife. We were trying to strive for harmony, serenity and calm!  2 Corinthians 13:11 Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. I’m not saying that God’s Word also supported my actions, but a great reminder.  I do believe we are to guard/protect the peace in our homes!

All of our families are so unique! Can you share ways you have protected the peace in your home?


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