What are you planning for or working towards, right now?!


I am excited to be starting a new journey! Isn’t that what life is all about? The journey! I am starting this new blog. I have been working towards this for several months now. I’ll be sharing our family’s struggles as well as our triumphs! As a wife, mom to 3 sons and working full time. My plate has always been full like so many of you!  I’ve always been a planner from a young age, but life doesn’t always go as planned! My prayer is that this new blog will provide, hope, encouragement and a little humor!

I met my future husband, Rick at our church. We were both active in the youth group.  I was 13 and he was 16.  He had a car and I thought he was so cool! It was very casual until we turned 16 and 19. Then it was exclusive and we started talking long term.  People thought we were crazy and just way too young!  At the end of my junior year, which I was still 16 years old we got engaged.  We set the date for a couple months after I was to graduate from high school.  I worked 35+ hours a week at a restaurant called Naugles, all during my senior year. I was working the 3rd shift as a crew leader, 11:30 pm to 7:00 am. When I got off I would go straight to school, usually smelling like a burrito! My parents wanted me to slow down but Rick and I had a plan… I was very motivated! I had a car I wanted to pay off. Plus we were saving every dime we could to get a house.

August 4, 1984, Rick and I were married.  We were able to buy a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath home. It might as well been a castle to us.  We were thrilled with our little house, it was all ours, well ours and the bank’s. My car was paid off and we had a few dollars in the bank. So far our life together was going as planned!

We initially agreed to wait 2 years before starting a family.  Within the first few months we were altering that plan.  We started talking, what if we shoot for getting pregnant and having our first child in the spring before our 2nd anniversary. We both played softball. Our thought was, if our baby was born in the early spring I could still get most of the season in… remember we were really young.

One thing I knew from a young age was I wanted to be a mom! I loved kids and we had several friends that were a few years older than us that already had one or more kids.  I had also always wanted to have my kids at a younger age, so I was thrilled that Rick and I agreed on this.  Well it ended up taking us a few months to get pregnant, so our first child was not due in the spring but late August.  This wasn’t too far off but it was the first of many things that wouldn’t go quite as planned…

How many of you are like me, you love to have a plan? Some may refer to us as control freaks, but let’s call ourselves “planners”! It’s awesome to have a plan, ok control over everything that affects us or our family. Something I have learnt that is an amazing gift is to be flexible when you have no control over the altered plan.  I don’t mean when you say you will lose 10 pounds in the next couple of months. Instead you gain 2 pounds because of those co-workers bringing in all those yummy homemade treats! I mean when life throws you a curve ball that you could have never seen coming.  You fall and break something, your spouse gets cancer, your teenager gets in a horrible accident, or your spouse leaves you.  Fill in the blank with your own curve ball. Do you trust that God is still in control, even when we are not?

One of our pastor’s favorite verses in the bible is Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord,” plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Sometimes we just have to take a detour to still get where we were headed and sometimes our plans get totally redirected. Hopefully we all have dreams or goals and future plans that we are working towards or looking forward to. We are coming up soon on a New Year.  What are some of your goals or plans?  Please share in the comments below.

In my next blog post I will share one of the first curve balls that was thrown at our family.


  1. Shelli

    Beautifully written Pam! I enjoy the inspiration you have to share with us. The new year is a time to reflect the joys and adventures of the past and prioritize the future to allow more family time and memory making opportunities.

  2. Gina

    So excited for your new adventure with a new website, blog, and etc. Looking forward to enjoying this journey along with you. I have also been a planner, but as I mature (grow older, I guess) I plan but also say ” God willing” as I verbalize my plans and dreams! We serve a good, good Father! So proud of you, Pam! Praying God’s best for you .


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