What are you giving energy to? Part 2

several vintage bulbs with only one lit up

several vintage bulbs with only one lit up

I wanted to continue our conversation about energy. I looked up in the dictionary what it’s definition of energy was: the capacity for vigorous activity; available power (It gives an example that I appreciate) “I eat chocolate to get quick energy.” It goes onto say the ability to act, lead others, effect, etc.

Last week I asked, what are you going to give your energy to? We must answer this question everyday whether we do it consciously (purposefully) or not.

Something you may consider, is to first evaluate where or what you are truly putting your time and energy into currently. You may need some help with this. I think we are all guilty of not always giving an honest assessment of ourselves. Several years ago, I talked with this lady that was just starting to work out of our office.  As an independent contractor, she could set up whatever hours she was going to work. She was new to our office, but not new to this field of work. She indicated that her normal routine over the recent years, had been that she would start working at 9:00 am but that she would always be in by 8:30 am to get settled in before her day started. She explained all the reasons it was important to her to get there at least 30 minutes before her work day truly started. After several months and then years of watching her.  I never knew of her to be in the office before 9:00 am and often it was a few minutes after.  A funny side note, I would have never thought anything about the time she came in if she hadn’t talked so passionately about why it was so important to her to get there early. If you are wanting to truly evaluate what you are currently giving your time and energy to or what you are passionate about… ask those around you.  Ask, your spouse, your kids, your co-workers or a close friend. Encourage them to be honest!

Another important factor is to determine your WHY? To just say, I want to get better control over how I spend my money this year, sounds good, but might not be very motivating. Think through it and preferably write down all the reasons WHY you want to make better money choices. To have money for a family vacation, so I can retire sooner than later, to help others in need and so on. I have found the purer my motives are the more positive energy I generate!

One more thing to consider is to have someone hold you accountable. Just as I was stepping up my writing and looking to launch my new blog, I found a friend that was in a very similar place. We immediately started meeting weekly to hold each other accountable in our writing, but probably even more important, give each other encouragement! This could be a trainer, life coach, or just a close friend that is rooting for you to succeed, in whatever area it is, that you are wanting to change or improve.

Ironically after also talking last week about how we end up giving energy to things that are unexpected, I started the new year with a not so nice cold, that has lasted over a week. Thankfully it hasn’t totally taken me out, but it has most defiantly slowed me down! I’m trying to use wisdom and not overdue it as I prayerfully, slowly gain my strength and stamina back! This is a minor setback but if we are not careful these types of things can quickly derail us. It’s like when we are trying to watch what we eat and then we over indulge with a yummy dessert one evening and suddenly we are eating bad the rest the week because we feel like we have already blown it!

If you have had a rough start to the new year, let’s just recognize it for what it is and move forward! As I sit here with my pile of Kleenexes, I am making some adjustments to my plans for this week, but still excited about the upcoming weeks and months! What are you giving your energy to this week, this month?


  1. Cathy Prew

    My late husband’s mother recently passed away. She was 96 and would have celebrated her 97th birthday in March, 2017. Her daughter stated that despite her battle with Alzheimer’s, she would pray to the Lord “what do You want me to do today.” I’m on a healing protocol to control the auto-immune health issue I deal with (my T-cells are attacking healthy tissue) and I too, am determined to pray, Lord, “what do you want me to do today.” We may not be able to control our life circumstances, but I give all credit to the Lord who is faithful to create the attitude of heart in me that He desires, and that includes how I trust His wisdom to gently guide and correct me on how my time is used for Him. Philippians 2:13 (NIV) for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.

    1. pam@pampatten.com (Post author)

      Cathy, what a legacy she left! Great reminder to us all, to always ask for God’s guidance before we start our day. Often we are guilty of setting up our day, then asking God to bless all our decisions. Philippians 2:13 is a good Word! Thank you for sharing!


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