Our minds can be a beautiful thing, protect it!

woman leaning against a tree, watching the river

woman leaning against a tree, watching the river

Steven didn’t really understand that we could see a lot better than he could, especially when he was younger.  This created some unique and funny situations.  For instance, we would see him come out of his room sneaking something that he wasn’t supposed to have.  We could clearly see it, but he couldn’t see us.  Sometimes we didn’t have the heart to tell him we could see what he was doing, so we would just play along.  We would yell “hey Steven, what are you doing” or “what are you up to?”  He would yell back “nothing” or “I’m not doing anything”.  We would have to sometimes step into another room, because we would get giggling so hard, watching him thinking we could not see him.  We would keep going… “Are you being good?”  he’d answer back, “yes”.  Sometimes we would even ask him if he had the particular item that we could clearly see he had, but again acting like we didn’t know for sure.  He would say “No” and then we would watch him turn back around with it to put it back.

Reading in Genesis chapter 3 this morning. Adam and Eve had just eaten the fruit from the tree that God had told them not to. They instantly realized they were naked, so they were putting fig leaves together for coverings. They heard God coming and they hid. So what did God do at first… He played along.  He called out to them “where are you?”  Adam explained that they realized they were naked and they were afraid, so they hid.  God ask, “who told you that you were naked?” Adam went onto explain.  Have you ever done this with your teenage kids?  Start asking questions you already know that answers to.

In Genesis chapter 18 it tells about when God had sent word to Abraham and Sarah that she was going to have a child.  She was well past childbearing age and in verse 12 it says Sarah laughed within herself or to herself as she thought, “after I am worn out and my lord is old, will I now have this pleasure?”  Verse 13 the Lord ask Abraham, “why did Sarah laugh” and then He quoted her thoughts.  Sarah then unfortunately tried to deny it.  Now I am certainly not going to pick on Sarah, in her situation I might have said or done something even worse!

I think sometimes we try to put God in a box of our own understanding. Steven at 3 and 4 years old, just assumed everyone had the same limitations as he did. Sometimes we forget that not only does God know everything we do or don’t do in public or private, but that he also knows our every thought! He knows our motive! God could tell you not only what you said a month ago, He could tell you every thought you had that day! I don’t bring this up so we can feel guilty for every wrong thought we’ve had. Just as a reminder about how powerful our thought life is. I’ve heard it said, where the mind goes the man follows. Protect your mind, think about what you’re thinking about. What you are giving energy to? We are reminded that what we put into our minds determines what comes out in our words and actions. What are you watching, listening to or looking at?

When we are, even just in our mind, starting to go places we should not go.  We may hear that still small voice saying “hey, what are you doing? Are you being good?” We can in our thoughts say, “nothing” or “I’m not doing anything”, thinking we are getting by with it. If your spirit is tender enough to hear it, our loving God is trying to give us a gentle nudge of correction. It’s our opportunity to turn around before we go too far.  Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 NLT

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