It shows when water & sun are needed!

droopy house plant

droopy house plant

The heat has kicked in here in Missouri as it has in many other areas.  I enjoy having several flowers and plants around my house, either in pots or hanging baskets.  They usually thrive in the late spring and early summer, with the cooler nights, the sun staying out longer and plenty of rain.  A season when everything looks more green, lush and happier.  Then the heat of the summer comes.  I had been going days at a time without watering the plants, but the other evening I had some flowers starting to droop and I realized they needed some water. I watered the flowers that evening and then checked on them the next morning.  It was amazing how much their appearance had changed overnight, looking so much happier and perky! I knew if I didn’t water them again that day, the next morning they would be drooping again.

droopy house plant vs healthy plant

That morning I was sitting on our back patio reading in my bible.  I was reminded how many times in years past, I had convinced myself that I didn’t have time to read my bible or spend any time with God in prayer. I would go days or even weeks without opening my bible. I would then find myself getting short with husband or my kids and easily frustrated by co-workers or clients.  It certainly wasn’t my fault they were irritating me and making me lose my cool.  If I did have a minute to pray it was asking God to straighten out all of the people around me!

If we could only look in the mirror and see we are wilting, drooping because we haven’t been watering (spending time in God’s Word) and allowing the sun to shine on us (spending time in prayer).  In the extreme heat of the summer, it’s going to take even more effort to keep those plants perky and happy.  In the same way when life is so busy, working, running our kids here and there, taking care of the house, NO I haven’t thought about dinner yet! All we can think of is how overwhelmed our schedule is. Wondering how some people seem to have it all together when we seem to be falling apart.

We are going to go through seasons where life is easier and we sometimes forget during that time how desperately we still need God in our life every day.  Those are the seasons we need to be strengthening our roots, getting that living water and nourishment that we are going to need when the extreme heat or storms hit us.

I was almost done writing this when I took a break to go back outside to read for a little bit, in a book I am currently reading. It’s Lessons I Learned in the Light by Jennifer Rothschild.  It was so fitting to what I had just been writing about.  Jennifer talks about falling down before God.  She was talking about her insanely busy day and by 9 a.m. she was already not sure how she was going to pull this day off.  She grabbed the two ladies that were at her house and they prayed together.  She went onto say:

You see, when I speak of “falling” I am talking about laying it all out before our Father.  To me, falling means that I bow in my heart, falling before Him in weakness and worship.  I’ve learned that “When I bow to God, God stoops to me” So when I fall I then rise in joy and strength and I’m able to walk on.

She goes on to say we can do this on our own, but how powerful this is when we have others join us in prayer or we join others as they need us to.

I love that Jennifer also mentioned worship when falling before God.  In my prayer time it’s a reminder that I don’t want to forget to thank God for the many things I am so grateful for. When our kids only come to us when they want something and rarely show appreciation for all you’ve already done… doesn’t that get old!

What I have found over the years, is if I take those few minutes here and there to drink some living water and spend time with the Son.  I know there is some of you that you do this at night, for me the morning works best, but either way, it’s like sharpening our axe.  I find that either my day goes smoother and I actually end up with some unexpected down time or if it doesn’t I am able to stay at peace and go on with the rest of my day.

If you are one of those blessed ones that has ample time for getting in the Word and spending time with God.  Then my challenge would be to you… Who are you speaking into, who are you helping get the water they so desperately need?

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  1. Karen goetting

    Great example Pam! I’m constantly having to water, water, water, and fill up on God! I could not live this life one minute with out my dependency on God.


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