Is your boat right side up?

small boat on the banks of the lake

small boat on the banks of the lake

I really enjoyed Priscilla Shirer’s book “FerVent”, that was inspired by the film “War Room”. Both the book and the movie were powerful! I am very excited this fall I am going to get the opportunity to see Priscilla speak live at a lady’s conference we will be attending. I recently watched a recording of her speaking and I wanted to share just a part of her message that I thought was so impactful.

Priscilla talked about this small boat that they kept on the banks of a small lake. The boat would be upside down until they were ready to use it and then they had the scary task of flipping it over! It was dark and damp under that boat and they never knew what was going to be under there… Frogs, all kinds of creepy crawly things and god forbid the possibility of there being a snake! There was never an invitation sent out to all these, jumping, crawling, and slithering things to come hang out under this boat.  The environment just created a perfect setting for them to come, so that was invitation enough!

Righteousness is right side up living, that invites the son of God’s favor and His blessing on our lives! Unrighteousness is upside down behavior that creates an environment that invites the enemy to come and make himself at home. You don’t have to ask the enemy to come, you just chose not to live in alignment with the Word of God. You then create an environment that invites the enemy and encourages him to flourish in your life. Righteousness is not being perfect, it is just choosing as a life style, by the power of God’s spirit to live your life in alignment with the Word!

There are so many of us that are saying we love Jesus and we love His Word. Then we go out into the world and we live and have attitudes that are completely in-congruent with the truth of God. Then we go into our war rooms praying against the enemy. Then we walk out of our war rooms and live a raggedy lifestyle and wonder why the enemy is running rapid through our lives. Can you see the enemies handy work in your organization or in your homes? Ask yourself is my boat turned upside down? In anyway? That I need to re-align my behavior with the truth of God so I can once again invite His favor upon my life.

I love the ideal that we have control over creating our own environment, with right side up living verses upside down living. Dive into the Word, the bible is our best compass for staying on course! Make sure you surround yourself with some strong Christian friends. If you are not already, plug into a church… I don’t mean just show up on Sunday just as it starts and then bolt out afterwards. Truly plug into the church and connect with the people.

Think about this throughout this week… Is my boat right side up, am I allowing full access to the sun (Son)?!

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