If someone was an eye witness of your life, what would they say?

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

We recently got back from getting the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon for the first time…. WOW! Words cannot express how majestic the views were.  We took so many pictures, but none of them did it justice or completely capture the beauty of what our eyes could see. As a bonus the weather was perfect, at least for us it was. Sunny, mid 60’s with an ever so slight breeze. My husband and I would walk slowly around the rim of the canyon, taking pictures and just standing still, taking it in at times. When we were tired of walking, we would sit for a while and try to absorb everything about our surroundings. Including watching others experience this natural wonder, that brings people together from all over the world!

When we flew out last week, we flew into Phoenix Arizona and then drove up to Sedona, which has so many amazing sights as well. Then the next day we spent at the Grand Canyon. Our drive from Sedona to Flagstaff reminded my husband and I of the first time we were out in the mountains of Colorado. Our oldest son, Steve, that was born blind, attended a residential program at Colorado Center for the Blind, after he graduated from high school. None of the rest of us had ever been to Colorado, so when Steve graduated from the program we made a family vacation out of it. We loved some of the views of the mountains right in the Denver and Littleton area, but then we headed out to Breckenridge. I couldn’t help but verbalizing constantly how amazing and incredible all the views of the mountains were. After I had gone on and on, it dawns on me that I could be rubbing salt in a wound for our son Steve… I thought is this like eating a piece of chocolate cake in front of someone, not being able to share it, but telling the other person over and over how good it is?  So, I ask him, “Steve, am I torturing you by going on and on about all the amazing views that we are seeing?” He laughed, and said “No, just the opposite, since I can’t see it, it’s like I am experiencing it through you”. I loved that! It made me be even more descriptive and passionate about describing everything we were seeing.

Grand Canyon pic

Just from us talking about our recent visit to the Grand Canyon and posting all the pictures on social media that we did, I’ve already had several people tell me they are now wanting to see it in person or go back again. From this and our past experience with our son it made me think about my Christian walk and the influence we have for good or bad on others. Even though I have been a Christian for many years now, I don’t want to lose my passion. When someone ask me about my faith, I want them to know I serve a majestic God! That I am still wowed every day by His love and grace that He shows me and my family!  I pray I can demonstrate what super-natural kindness, generosity, meekness, joy, full of love and self-control looks like. Some of us have been blessed to have people in our lives, that we know surely they aren’t perfect, but they are absolutely Jesus with skin on to so many people around them. You will hear people often used them as a standard of what to do and what not to do. I know we can never completely capture all the characteristics of Jesus, but I want to strive to get as close as I can daily!

I want to live a life that when people witness it or experience it through me… it opens their eyes to Christianity and doesn’t make them want to run the other way!

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