I Was Blind, But Now I See…

sun beams out of clouds

sun beams out of clouds

We were blessed this week to spend some quality time with all three of our now adult sons. With our oldest son living a few hundred miles away this doesn’t happen as often as we would like. Our oldest son Steve, is the one that was born blind. Almost every time he comes into town, we introduce him to at least one or two people that haven’t met him before. We just had someone ask me again this week after meeting Steve, how did you get him to not live with resentment and bitterness. We have to give God the credit! I jokingly said, we might be able to take some credit for his social skills and sense of humor, but we know that God has had His hand on our family… and looking back we can see it more clearly! The following is a post I did a while back about one of those early years with our oldest son:

For years I have either helped or was the head of our ladies group at the couple of churches I have attended. When I first started helping I was in my early 20’s. I would almost have a full blown panic attack on Sundays I knew I was going to have to say something in front of our church. This particular Sunday the women of the church had the whole service. I was going to have to make some announcements. We had everyone that had a part, sitting up on the stage. Steven wasn’t quite 2 years old at the time.

The service started by one of the ladies leading us in 2 or 3 songs. I was trying to calm my nerves and not think about the fact that I would soon have to get up and say a few words. The last song we sang was Amazing Grace. I had grew up in church so I had sang that song many, many times before,  but while we were singing that song I was suddenly flooded with emotion.  I started crying and couldn’t stop. I knew I was up soon and I was trying to gather myself before I had to speak. When I did get up to make the couple announcements, I was still obviously a little emotional. I am one of those blessed ones, that if I cry much at all, my eyes are red and my face is splotchy (it’s awesome!).

I felt like God had laid something on my heart that was for me, well for our family. I had attended this church since I was 7 years old. I realized many of the people in the congregation that day were also my family. I decided to share it with the congregation, so they would understand why I was so emotional. I said, “I know most of you know we have a little boy that was born blind. I have sung Amazing Grace many, many times, but today when we sang the part of the song, I was blind, but now I see…” I had to take a moment to gather myself again. I could see people tearing up with me. I am sure what many of them thought I was going to say was something about our hope or desire for Steven to have his sight restored. That I believed that someday, somehow God was going to heal Steven. Once I could speak again I said, “what I believe God just put on my heart and my mind was if Steven’s sight was never restored here on this earth, that the first thing that Steven would see clearly would be Heaven and what an amazing sight that will be!” People were crying and clapping. This was my church family and they were celebrating with me in the hope and encouragement God was continuing to give to us.  When Steven was older I would from time to time share this with him. To prayerfully also give him a hope and expectation, that it’s not a matter of if but when he will see perfectly. Our time on earth is so short compared to our life in eternity.

I know not everyone reading this believes in a Heaven that God is preparing for us, but the thought of having a perfect body (can’t even tell you how this excites me, to be rid of daily aches and pains!), soul and mind. Living in an amazingly perfect place where there is peace and harmony 24/7 certainly gives us hope and more purpose to our current lives.

What excites you most about heaven?  

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