How come armchair quarterbacks can be the most passionate?!

Younger lady sitting at a desk with her laptop

Younger lady sitting at a desk with her laptop

It is so hard watch people sit behind their computers or phones and take punches at people and organizations that they know little to no firsthand information about. We see this way too often on social media. Maybe they have seen one of the many fake ads on Facebook. Or maybe they saw something in the media or news, we know they never sensationalize something to bring up ratings, right? Why do most people understand when it’s when it’s you or your family, that bullying is wrong! Yet if it’s someone in the public eye for whatever reason, they are fair game for people to be brutal to and use as harsh and unkind words as they can think of.

I heard this week where a couple of professional ice skaters dropped out of skating because of the body shaming the public has put these young girls through. What?! We are talking about amazing athletes yet the public has to voice their opinions about what their bodies look like? Over the last few weeks I have watched some specials on the life of Princess Diana. We know she had turmoil within her own family but we know overall the public, the world loved her… yet many were so critical of her every move, she struggled to feel as if she was meeting anyone’s expectations.

Many all over the United States as well as around the world are sending their love and support to southern Texas as they continue to recover from Hurricane Harvey. When tragedies such as this one hits, we often see the good and the bad brought out of people. Thankfully I think and pray we see a lot more of the good. We see many that go amazingly above and beyond to help. One of the negatives I have witness are the armchair quarterbacks (a person who offers advice or an opinion on something in which they have no expertise or involvement). Not helping anyone but spouting off on social media how others could do it different or better. Really?! Who is this helping? This is hurtful to see and hear, especially when the person spouting claims to be a Christian (reminder, that’s someone striving to be Christ like!).

When I was reading a couple weeks ago in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 about how as the body of Christ we are all part of the same body. Some parts are eyes, some are hands, some are feet, some are lungs and so on. It’s comparing how the body of Christ is similar to our physical bodies, all working together. In vs. 26 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it, if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.

Have you ever watched a cat or dog chase it’s on tail and then bite it! Don’t you look at them like they are a goof ball! Don’t they realize they are biting themselves! Yet it’s been so sad to watch Christians or at least let me say religious people go after other Christians on social media or even in our conversations. If we truly believe God’s Word and that we are truly all part of the same body I have to believe we would treat each other so differently. I’m not saying don’t hold others accountable but read God’s Word, we are to go to them in LOVE and try to restore them. NOT crucify them in front of others or on social media! Please don’t believe everything you see and read, especially online or even everything you may hear in your church foyer! Armchair quarterbacks are everywhere and they can be passionate about what they don’t have full understanding of!

If you do see something or hear something concerning about anyone, rather they are in the public eye or someone local to you. If you or I truly care, instead of looking for a handful of stones, let’s pick up our bible spend some time in there and then pray for that person!

Great daily reminder… When Jesus was asked of all the commandments which is most important? Mark 12: 30-31 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbor (who’s your neighbor, everyone!) as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.

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