Have you gotten a hand-written note lately?

hand writing a note

hand writing a note

Have you ever received a note or letter that was so precious to you, that you read it over and over? Did it make you cry? Did it challenge you to want to live up to everything the card or note said?

With social media, texting, even with emails so many people have gotten away from “writing” a note to a friend or family member.  I am certainly as guilty of this as most. It’s not that I have given up on it totally, I just know I don’t do it as often as I should. I save all cards, letters, notes where someone has taken the time to write out their heartwarming thoughts. Even if it’s just a couple lines. I think I am up to 3 shoe boxes with these precious notes.  I have also printed out emails and put those in there as well.

I have had notes or letters that I read over and over.  I have cried at the kind and generous words people have at times shared with me and it has challenged me to live up to their words.  When I think of things I would want to grab out of my house if I knew it was going to be destroyed by flooding or a fire, those shoe boxes would be near the top of my list. I have also written some notes over the years that ladies have shared with me later, that they read over and over. One lady we’ll call Katy, I knew fairly well, but I wasn’t necessarily close to. She was active at our church but suddenly we only saw her husband and kids without her. Her husband would give excuses week after week on why Katy wasn’t with them. One Sunday I was able to talk to a lady that I knew was very close friends with Katy, she told me Katy was suffering from a deep depression. I tried calling her to let her know we were missing her, but she wouldn’t talk to me, I had to leave voice mails. God laid on my heart to write to Katy and I sent her a letter letting her know all the things we missed about not seeing her. Her beautiful singing voice, her warm smile and so on. I got no response from it and it was still months before she slowly came back into church and really started doing life again. It was probably a couple years later when Katy and I were in a conversation about another lady that we knew was going through some things. I casually mentioned I might send her a note, but that I didn’t know if it would make any difference or not. Katy stopped me right there. She said, “yes, it can make all the difference”, she went on to tell me the note I had written to her during her dark time, she kept it near and read it many times. I had no idea if she had ever read it, so to find out almost 2 years after I had written it how much it meant to her. I was immediately encouraged in that moment, the importance to reach out to people we care about. Now over 20 years later it’s still a great reminder to me, even if I don’t get any response back, when someone is put on my heart, I need to write the note. Sometimes I do just send a text, because I want them to know I am thinking of them. When I do send a note to someone, especially when I know they are going through some “stuff”, I pray as I am writing the note and I pray before I send it. These are not about wanting them to hear what I have to say… It’s more about wanting them to feel loved and valued for who they are.

Is there someone God has laid on your heart lately? Reach out to them, send them a note of love and encouragement.  Do you have a friend you just haven’t told them lately how much they mean to you… shoot them a note!

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