Have you ever had your leash dropped?

Dog staring at his leash on the floor

Dog staring at his leash on the floor

I heard Marilyn Meberg with Women of Faith, tell this story. Marilyn was in Rome going in and out of the local shops. Every time she was outside she would hear this dog barking and yelping. The dog seemed to be in great distress. After continuing to hear this dog, she started searching for it. She found an elderly woman sitting there holding a blood-soaked rag to her head. She had obviously fallen and people were starting to surround her. The poor dog was leaping, barking, just frantically running around. When the lady was able to pick the dog’s leash back up, the dog instantly stopped barking.

Marilyn went on to ask, how many of us understand what it’s like to have our leash dropped? A sudden disconnection rather intentionally or unintentionally. We may not run around in public barking and yelping but we may certainly be on the inside. The sudden pain and hurt can leave us feeling out of control… feeling breathless! Our human connections are so important to us, a spouse, a child, a close friend or parent. Rather they are taken from us by death or by them walking away, the heartache can be very similar.

My husband, Rick and I did a four night get away for our 10th anniversary. Rick’s parents came up from Florida to stay at our house with our 3 boys while we were gone. We missed all the boys immensely and by the greetings when we got back home, they had missed us as well. My in-laws are doting and very loving grandparents, so we know the boys had plenty of love and attention in our absence. Our older 2 boys adjusted fairly quickly to having us back home. Our youngest son Seth was just shy of 2 years old at the time and he was extremely close to me. In his young mind, I can only imagine, all he knew was we had left and he never knew if he would see me again. Seth was so clingy to me for days after we returned. If I was doing dishes he would sit at my feet and hang onto one of my legs. He not only had to be in the room with me, I had to be holding him or he had to be holding onto me… did I mention he was clingy?! I tried to give him extra attention and assure him I was not leaving him again for a long, long time. At first, I thought it was kind of cute but then after a couple of days, I was afraid I had permanently traumatized our young son!

When I heard this story told by Marilyn it made me think back to this experience with our son. All he knew was I dropped the leash on him… a sudden disconnect he didn’t understand.

I don’t know about you but I have scars on my heart from sudden disconnects that I didn’t understand or didn’t see coming. God is the only one that can soften and repair that tissue on my heart and yours, so we can love again at the fullest!

Psalm 9:10 Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. In my bible notes it says to forsake someone is to abandon that person. God’s promise does not mean that if we trust him we will escape loss or suffering; it means that God himself will never leave us no matter what we face.

We can trust that God will never drop the leash on us!

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