Excellence is not about being perfect!

Runners crossing the finish line

Runners crossing the finish line

A dear friend showed me once again this weekend what excellence looks like. Excellence is not being perfect. It’s about doing the best that we can, where we are at (mentally, physically and/or spiritually)! My friend has been faithful for a long time in working out and watching what she eats. She decided around the first of the year she wanted to challenge herself with doing a mini triathlon this year. This particular one she did, was swimming 400 meters, biking 15.8 miles and run/walk 5k. She originally had her sights on a couple earlier in the year, but she had some physical setbacks and some struggles with her schedule for training. She set a goal to just complete at least one of these mini triathlons but she ended up finishing really well with her times! She could have gotten discouraged and stopped slowly plugging away. Instead she got determined, rather it happen this year or not she was going to keep the goal before her and continue to do everything she could, to work towards it.

I looked up the dictionary’s definition for excellence and it said: the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. At a conference, this weekend I was reminded that to truly live with integrity, we need to always strive for excellence in all we do. I love how real this Christian speaker was… Put your shopping cart back where it belongs when you are done with it. If you decide there is something you don’t want that’s already in your cart, don’t put it wherever, put it back where you got it. If you are in a public restroom, leave it nice… yep, you know what this means, maybe leave it nicer than when you enter it. Someone accidentally gives you extra change back or forgets to charge you for something in your cart…  you are not being blessed, you’re being given the opportunity to do the right thing! Have you ever thought of any of these things as little test?

You might be thinking what do these little, seemingly nothing things have to do with striving for excellence or reaching a larger goal that we have set out to do. In Luke 16:10 it says: Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. We have opportunities throughout any given day to live with excellence, even if only you and God knows you did the right thing or that you went above and beyond what most people would do! You will stand out when you live with this type integrity in all that you do. God might not be the one giving us the road blocks and the challenges but He’s certainly watching how we handle them, to see if we are ready to be promoted!

Do you have a goal or a dream? Are you being faithful and striving for excellence with all the little things in your daily life? One of the other things I heard this weekend was there is power in celebration! So even if it’s a small hurdle you just got past… celebrate those baby steps! I pray you and I can continue to move forward and that we can challenge and encourage each other to strive for excellence in our daily lives!!

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