Don’t You Love When People Ask Ladies That Are Pregnant… Was This An Accident?!

three small children

three small children

When Steven and Sean were about a month from turning 5 & 3 (Sean had just gotten fully potty trained!). Rick ask me one night… What if we tried one more time for a little girl?  Ok, now I was the one that originally said 2 or 3 when he had always said 1 or 2.  I had experienced 2 C-sections and after Sean I had to be reopened up 10 days after the initial surgery. We had 2 awesome, crazy active little boys that were both potty trained, could dress themselves and so on. I had just gotten my real estate license the month before and was looking to start a career in that. When Rick ask me, I went silent and then was so hesitant in my first response. He immediately said, well if you don’t want to that’s fine… but then he went on to explain all the reasons he thought we should.  As we continued to talk about what all this would mean, he kept talking as if having a 3rd child would guarantee us having a girl.  I finally laughed and said, “you have to decide if you want a 3rd child?” He looked at me like, what do you think we’ve have been talking about.  I said, “you are talking about having a girl, I think God has a sense of humor, so it’s more likely that we will have another boy.” We talked, we prayed and came back to the conversation within a couple of days. I wanted to meet with my doctor to make sure with everything my body had already been through that it was safe.  She gave me the green light, so we agreed we’d try for one more and would be thrilled with another boy or a girl!

We had been trying for several months, it didn’t appear this was going to happen. January 1st was our stopping point of trying.  So the first week of the new year I went in for a blood test, basically to confirm I wasn’t pregnant.  A couple days later the nurse called, she said “Congratulations!”.  “What, I am pregnant?!”  She laughed, she said, “you seem surprised yet you came in for a pregnancy test?”

I was due towards the end of September.  I had the fun of meeting with the doctor again and setting the delivery date.  We talked about Steven being 4 weeks early and weighed 9 lbs 2 oz. and Sean was scheduled 3 weeks early and weighed 9 lbs 4 oz.  When we back up the date we were looking to deliver September 2nd.

Rick’s parents lived in Florida at the time.  It was nice to be able to schedule when they were coming in town.  Rick and I decided once again we wouldn’t find out if this was going to be a boy or a girl.  Which meant we had to pick out names for both.  Since we had an “S” theme going, we stuck with it.  If it was a boy his name would be Seth and a girl would be named Staci.  Since the boys were so little we didn’t want to refer to the baby as “it”.  So we told the boys we would call the baby Staci while he or she was in my belly, but that we had to remember the baby could turn out to be Seth.

Steven had asked me early on in the pregnancy how would they get the baby out… I thought, oh with having C-sections this is a little easier to explain to a 5-year-old. I explained that they numbed my belly, then carefully cut my belly open to take the baby out and then they sewed it back up.  Steven ask in a concern tone, “does that hurt?” I said, “well, just a little bit, but it so worth it!” Now fast forward to around my 7th month of pregnancy.  Steven and Sean loved getting to feel when the baby would move.  One day Steven said, after feeling the baby move, “can we cut your belly open and look at the baby?” Ok, for a brief moment I was horrified at what he had just said. I was thinking what has he seen on TV or heard? Then I remembered our conversation from a few months earlier.  I said, “Oh no, it’s too early to let the baby come out! I know I said it didn’t hurt that bad, but I only want to do that one time for each of you!”

The day came to have our 3rd child. Everything went smooth and the doctor said, “It’s a boy!” We of course were thrilled beyond measure to welcome Seth into our family! The doctor said how much did your other two weigh, so we told him.  He said “well I think this one is right there with the other two”.  Sure enough when they weighed Seth he was 9 lbs 3oz.

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I had found other people’s responses to us having another child kind of fun… Were you trying?! Was this an accident?! These were obviously people that had been around our first two crazy active boys. Then immediately after having our 3rd son, people started asking us if we were going to try again for a girl. “No”, but thank you for asking!

God certainly knew what He was doing when he gave us all boys. None of them are perfect, but Rick and I feel amazingly blessed for each one of them! 

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