Does prayer really make a difference?

Little girl saying his prayers

Little girl saying his prayers

For several years I coached a girls’ softball team. When you have a team of 12 to 18-year-old girls, for some reason it seemed like for one reason or another, we had at least one of them crying at some point during our game nights.  At one of the games, one of the girls hurt her finger, she was crying and went to sit by her mom on the bleachers.  This sweet little guy that was around 3 years old saw her crying and went over to her.  He said, (in his sweet 3-year-old voice) “I pray for you”. He then laid his little hand on her knee, bowed his head and said “God is good, God is great, let us thank him for our food, Amen!”  Immediately this teenage girl was laughing and smiling, along with everyone around.  We gave this little guy a high five and told him, his prayer made this teenager all better! He was grinning ear to ear!

I have heard people question over the years, if prayer really matters?  If our all-knowing God knows the future, can we really change anything with prayer?

I came across these scriptures a couple years ago and underlined them in my bible.  Isaiah 38:1-5 About that time Hezekiah became deathly ill, and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz went to visit him. He gave the king this message: “This is what the Lord says: ‘Set your affairs in order, for you are going to die. You will not recover from this illness.’” When Hezekiah heard this, he turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord, “Remember, O Lord, how I have always been faithful to you and have served you single-mindedly, always doing what pleases you.” Then he broke down and wept bitterly. Then this message came to Isaiah from the Lord: “Go back to Hezekiah and tell him, ‘This is what the Lord, the God of your ancestor David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears. I will add fifteen years to your life…  I was reading through the book of Isaiah at the time, but I camped out on these few scriptures for 3 days! We know God sees and hears us. I have had times that I have gotten so broken that I cried out to God (have you ever been there?).  Then within hours or even minutes I could clearly see God’s hand on things. There is something about having His Word confirm that God hears our prayers and sees our tears! And then changed His mind!

Then I have heard some indicate these type of miracles only happened way back then and they are not still happening today.

In 2015 we had a local family to our area, that had a teenage son fall through the ice in a local lake. He was under the water for around 15 minutes, by the time he was in the hospital with doctors and nurses doing all they could, he had been without a pulse for 43 minutes.  They brought his mom into the room to say her good byes to her son, before they declared him dead… What this mother did was cried out to God! The mother said, “Lord, Holy Spirit, just give me back my son!” Seconds later, her son’s heart began to beat again! The doctors were in disbelief but still very skeptical that this teenager would still survive, let alone recover.  Just over 2 weeks later he was released from the hospital almost fully recovered!

Prayer can change everything! We have to know all prayers are answered, just not all of them go the way we want or in the timing we were expecting or looking for.  Most important, keep boldly praying! We serve a loving God that hears our prayers and see our tears!

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  1. Jen Regan

    Great post this morning Pam! The times that I have struggled the most is when God does not seem to answer my prayers right away. It is very hard to wait. But time and time again, God has shown me that He is always in the process of orchestrating an amazing answer to my prayer and an amazing plan for my life! Keep the great posts coming!


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