Blessings, do they come before or after?

simple heart ring

simple heart ring

Almost a month ago, while I was working at our church, I was preparing to do some vision casting on a Sunday for our church’s youth group.  During that time, something came to me that I felt like it wasn’t for then, but was for when I was going to speak later that month. I jotted it down on a notebook at work and just set it aside. I don’t know about you but sometimes I write things down so I can forget about it and put my focus elsewhere. Then this past week, I was preparing to speak at our church. One day in the middle of me just working around my house, I felt like God had laid something on my heart, so I grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down a couple paragraphs, while I could still remember clearly what it was. The next day I was ready to start really working on my message and I remember I had some notes I had jotted down at work, so I brought those home and laid them all out.  I read the one and then read the other, I knew it truly had to be a God thing when I realized both notes written down, almost a month apart, read almost exactly the same.

First let me share a brief story. When I was a young girl, probably during the ages of 10 to 14 years old. My mom surprised me with a simple ring, it was the mid 1970’s and the ring probably cost between $5 to $10. My mom asked me if I liked it well enough to wear it. I really liked it and said, “yes!” Well I had it a few weeks and I lost it. My mom wasn’t too eager to get me another one. Finally, after about a year she offered to get me another ring but she said, “you have to be more responsible with this one”. Of course, I assured her I would. Well within a matter of just a few months I had lost it. My mom was certainly in no hurry to get me another ring. Now it was late 70’s and I saw a ring in a catalog and I was begging my mom for it. This ring was probably more like $20. You can imagine all my mom’s reasoning for not running right out and getting me that ring.

Now to what God laid on my heart… We are waiting for God to bless our time and our energy, before we give it away more freely to charitable things.  God is waiting for us to start being obedient and generous with the time and energy we have now, so that he can bless us with more. We are waiting for God to bless us with a higher paying job or more income before we start paying our tithes and offerings. God’s waiting for us to be obedient and generous with the money we have now, so he can bless us with more.

We want to be blessed, before we show any obedience in what we have already been given. This can apply to every area of our lives! Time, money, skills or abilities and it can even apply to love!  If you want more of anything you have to give it away first! I know in our secular world it doesn’t make since but I can’t find anywhere in the bible where it says I will bless you so you can be obedient. God always challenges us to step out in faith first! Noah had to build the ark before he saw a drop of rain, the ram didn’t appear to Abraham until Isaac was on the alter!

See with my rings, I kept wanting my mom to trust me with more, when I kept showing her I could not be trusted with what I had. In Luke, it tells us when you haven’t been faithful with little, you won’t be faithful with much!

Don’t get frustrated with the process. We might have to pass a few tests, before we are entrusted with more. You might be thinking there is only 24 hours in a day, how can God increase my time. I can’t even begin to explain it, but I can tell you when I am obedient in my time spent in bible study & prayer and when I am obedient in volunteering at our church or in ministry… I find more time and energy to do some of the other things I desire to do as well.

Test God! Start giving more of yourself (in love, time and talents) and more of your money to Kingdom work and see the blessing from Heaven rain down in your life!

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