Being a Mom of 3 Boys, is NEVER Boring!

Our 3 Boys

Life only became more interesting once we had our 3rd son.  We thought we had talked a lot to the older boys about how they were to handle their new baby brother, Seth. Obviously not enough… One evening Rick was working, Seth was in his bassinet sleeping in our bedroom and the boys were playing in their room.  This was around day 10 after me having a C-section. Our home office was downstairs. I decided I really needed to get down there to pay some bills, so I slowly and carefully went down the stairs.  Well just a few minutes after I was down there I hear Seth fussing.  I yelled upstairs and ask Steven to put Seth’s pacifier back in his mouth.  I heard some walking around up there and Seth still fussing.  I yelled back up to Steven… now I realize I was asking our blind son to do this, but he was very tactile and he was the oldest.  I also thought he would be more gentle about this then Sean at 4 years old.  Suddenly Steven yelled back down, “Sean has him”.  Sean has him, “what do you mean Sean has him?!” No answer back.  As I am making my way to the stairs, I yell back up “Sean do you have Seth?!” Now I hear running, I am trying to get up the stairs as fast as I can in my condition. I now hear Seth crying in what sounded to be the living room.  As I got upstairs, Steven and Sean are nowhere in sight. I find Seth on his side facing the back of the couch and by the positions of his arms and legs I feel pretty confident he was thrown at the couch.

I called the boys into the room.  I ask Sean, “did you pick Seth up out of the bassinet by yourself?”.  He nodded his head yes.  I reminded the boys we had talked about that the only way they could hold Seth right now was if they were sitting down. They both nodded their heads yes.  “So I thought with that, it would be really clear we could NEVER RUN with the baby and it’s DEFIANTLY NOT OK to EVER THROW the baby, RIGHT?!” Sean with a sheepish look on his face nodding his head yes. The look on Steven’s face when he realized his middle brother had thrown his newest little brother was priceless!

One of the first times I was taking all three boys out by myself, Seth was still just a couple weeks old.  I got everyone out, all buckled in, loaded up the minivan and of course realized I had forgotten something inside the house.  The van was parked in the garage, I thought it’s only going to take me like 2 minutes to run back into the house.  I decided to go for it, I took the keys with me and ran.  I got back out to the van all the boys are still in their seats all buckled in, no one was fussing, so off we went.  We got to my mom’s house and I went to get Seth out first.  I thought what on earth?! When I loaded him in the van at the house he didn’t have blue ink scribbled all over his head and face, but now he does! I am not thinking this was our blind child that did this! “Sean!” “What?!” Since Seth wasn’t crying when I came back out of the house I knew he hadn’t been hurt at all, but I think what amazed me most, was what little time Sean had to do this!  He had to be waiting for his opportunity, did it and got back in his seat before I got back out! I obviously also realized we hadn’t thought to tell the boys scribbling on their brother wasn’t OK either!

One other time when Seth was about 5 months old laying in his crib, I was going to check on him and saw Sean run out of his room.  Green marker laying on the floor with the lid off… Seth still sucking on a pacifier, happy as could be laying on his stomach holding his head up like a turtle.  Green scribble marks all over his face, arms and hands this time… “Sean!”

I think it was around this time when people were still asking us if Seth was an accident, I would look at them and say “oh no we were trying for him” then I would look over at Sean and say “he was our accident!” Sean would just look at us sheepishly or with a big goofy grin.

Middle son

Another time the boys were a little too quiet. Seth was in an old style walker with wheels and had made his way into the bedroom with his older brothers.  I went in to check on them, to find Seth on top of one of their beds in the walker! “What are you guys doing? You can’t put your brother in a walker on top of your bed!” They both sat nonchalantly on the floor playing, one said “he wanted up there” and the other one said “yeah he did”.  I said “oh really so how exactly did he word that?!” They both looked at me and grinned. They said “we just knew”.

I have heard other mothers that have raised multiple boys, say one of your goals has to be just trying to keep everyone alive! This all makes sense to me now! Please share your experience!

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  1. Karen

    I’m guessing I’m lucky when Jade put Lee in the dryer she padded it with blankets! She also used our stairs once as a sled with the empty boxes from our recent move. Problem with that was there was a window at the bottom of the stairs. Thank God they didn’t go through it! They were older in both incidents, 4th grade and kindergarten and Jade did assure me Lee wanted to know what it was like to take a ride in the cloths dryer! It’s not just boys!


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